Tuesday 22nd June Alyssa Peterson

3 Top Tips On How To Make Your New Home Look Like A Showhome

Do you just love that pristine, contemporary showhome look? Sleek and stylish, the perfect space to live luxuriously. Our interior design experts meticulously attend to every singl...

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Saturday 22nd May Alyssa Peterson

Homes By Carlton’s Guide On How To Create Your Dream Garden In Time For Summer

  After moving into your new home in the North East, creating your ultimate dream space, both inside and outside, is an exciting activity.   If you are running short on time, resou...

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Sunday 16th May Alyssa Peterson

What Does A Covid-Safe Showhome Visit Look Like?

  At Homes By Carlton, we prioritise your safety, especially during times like these. We understand that showhome visits are an essential part of the moving process. They provide a...

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Monday 10th May Alyssa Peterson

5 Holiday Destinations Within 3 Hours Of Your New Home In County Durham

Image credit: Rudding Park Hotel and Spa If you are considering a staycation this summer, we suggest that you take a look at the stunning countryside and city locations we have com...

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Tuesday 4th May Alyssa Peterson

5 Perfect Staycation Destinations Within 2 Hours Of Your New Home In Darlington

Image credit: Bowes Museum This summer provides the ultimate opportunity to explore the beauty of this country. Staycations are currently a much easier, much safer option than trav...

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Tuesday 13th April Alyssa Peterson

5 stunning places you can visit within 30 minutes of your new home in County Durham

Located in the middle of the North East, County Durham offers countless places to explore. Just a few examples include museums, beaches, parks and castles. For families, couples or...

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Tuesday 13th April Alyssa Peterson

What does the Stamp Duty holiday mean for you?

  Stamp Duty is a tax that must be paid whenever you buy a property or land over a specific price in England or Northern Ireland.    The tax is designed to cover the cost of the le...

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Tuesday 13th April Alyssa Peterson

5 stunning places you can visit within 30 minutes of your new home in Darlington

Popular tourist destinations or hidden gems, whichever you prefer, the North East offers many stunning locations for you to spend quality time. Nature reserves and family-friendly ...

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Saturday 13th March Alyssa Peterson

5 common misconceptions your friends may have when you’re buying a new home in the North East

Some common misconceptions you may have heard regarding the North East of England could be about the constant miserable weather, or perhaps the lack of upmarket restaurants? The jo...

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