5 common misconceptions your friends may have when you’re buying a new home in the North East

Some common misconceptions you may have heard regarding the North East of England could be about the constant miserable weather, or perhaps the lack of upmarket restaurants? The job scarcity or the incomprehensible accent? 


But, our region is filled with hidden gems, stunning nature and beautiful new homes right throughout the North East! Many exciting career opportunities exist, along with interesting culture and landmarks. It really is a wonderful place to live, explore and relax.


So when your friends are questioning why you’re making the move to the North East, looking at some of the most common misconceptions of our region, here’s some useful comments to showcase just how fantastic the North East is. 


  • The weather here may be slightly colder than the rest of England, however, it can still be enjoyed all year round. 


During winter, this region generally receives sub-zero temperatures and lots of snow, especially in the countryside. This is always fun for children and makes a beautiful wintry setting for a long walk, or even sledging competitions. 


Contrastingly, in the summer, the weather gets increasingly warmer and temperatures in the North East match those of the South. 


Enjoying the seasons throughout this region is undoubtedly a beautiful spectacle, a vast array of colours and climates can be appreciated. Trips to the coast or the countryside can accentuate the changing seasonal beauty this region offers, although in winter you certainly need to wrap up warm, especially at the seaside.


  • The idea of job scarcity may be something holding you back from moving to the North East. 


The North East has a strong economy with a decreasing unemployment rate. Although, without a large influx of people joining this regional employment market, skill shortages are increasing. This means that demand for work is high and employers have a limited choice, therefore salaries remain competitive. 


Recent fantastic news from Chancellor Rishi Sunak means even more promising opportunities will be available in the North East. 


Darlington has been chosen as the new base for the 750-job treasury hub. This new economic campus moving to the North is a huge step in the right direction for this town and our region as a whole. An increased level of high-quality, well-paid government jobs are now right on our doorstep!


Also, Teesside has been selected as one of eight freeports in England. A freeport is either a shipping port or an airport where import taxes are not imposed on goods. This means that 18,000 jobs have the potential to be created over the next five years and a £3.4 billion economic boost to the area has been forecasted. 


It’s also a good reminder that this region is home to Durham University, one of the nations most prestigious, and many other great universities and colleges where you could further your education if you desire. 


  • Various incredible places exist in the North East which are guaranteed to dismantle any culinary stereotypes you may have about this region. 


From Michelin starred, upmarket restaurants to traditional family-friendly pubs, to trendy brunch spots, the North East offers delicious food in a vast array of beautiful settings for you to enjoy. 


Some of the most popular places include The Raby Hunt, boasting two Michelin stars and being named best restaurant in the UK by highly acclaimed chef James Martin. 


This small restaurant is located in the hamlet of Summerhouse, not far from Darlington. A fixed, 15-course meal is offered, or alternatively, a seat at the Kitchen Table. Here, you can watch your meal being prepared by the Raby Hunt’s talented chefs right before your eyes. 


For a special occasion or a venture out of your usual dining habits, The Raby Hunt is the perfect location. 


Another popular dining destination in this region is Hjem, located in the small village of Wall in the Northumbrian countryside. This restaurant combines the best produce of Northumberland with Scandinavian culinary values and techniques.


Contemporary restaurant interior design, delicious flavours and hampers available for collection which you can enjoy at home are all provided by Hjem. If you’re willing to try something new, this is the best location in the region for discovering unique, delightful dishes that can’t be found elsewhere.


A few hidden gems include Salt Street Food Kitchen & Bar in Darlington, a relaxed venue where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks with friends, the Imperial Express Cafe, which offers classic breakfasts, brunches and lunches, and lastly, Muse, in Yarm, a sister restaurant of the Bay Horse in Hurworth.


Some of our personal favourite restaurants in the entire region include Cena, an Italian restaurant in Yarm which offers traditional pizzas, pasta dishes, antipasti, delicious wines and a beautiful atmosphere, and the Bay Horse in Hurworth, which is both a traditional gastropub and an elegant English restaurant. 


Each of these restaurants offer something different but equally special, and they are all perfect candidates for family occasions or relaxed dining. 


  • Another fairly strange misconception about this region is that there is a lack of nature. 


People may think of cities such as Newcastle and Sunderland as heavily polluted and built up, possibly due to their shipbuilding and manufacturing histories, but Newcastle is actually one of the ten least polluted cities in the UK. 


An abundance of nature spans throughout this region. Waterfalls, parks, forests and beaches can be found from Northumberland down to Cleveland. Residents of the North East are certainly spoiled for choice when it comes to natural attractions. 


One of the most iconic and historic natural attractions in the North East is Hadrian’s Wall. Stretching for over 70 miles and built by the Romans in the second century, this is a great route for walkers who are keen to enjoy the vast open fields, fresh air and beautiful nature of this region displayed along the Hadrian’s Wall Path. 


The Kielder Water and Forest Park on the Scottish border is filled with immense beauty and very little light pollution. This results in it having the largest expanse of dark night sky in the whole of Europe, excellent for stargazing and marvelling at the beauty of the Milky Way and the many constellations. 


Another natural attraction located in the North East are the North Pennines. These are a beautiful expanse of hills and moors rolling across from Carlisle to Darlington and are a certified Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 


Filled with unique valleys, rock formations and waterfalls, this part of the world is perfectly picturesque. We are extremely lucky to be within such close proximity to this natural wonder; come and visit for yourself and enjoy the stunning landscapes our region is home to.


  • The infamous accents that some people find ‘indecipherable’ might be preventing you from relocating to the North. 


Geordie may spring to mind when thinking of a North Eastern accent, however, there are multiple fascinating accents and dialects spread throughout this region. 


Some of the most common examples include Mackem, Teesside, and Pitmatic, alongside Geordie, of course. 


Mackem can be found in Sunderland and the surrounding areas. It sounds similar to Geordie but with flatter ‘a’ sounds, unlike the prolonged ‘ay’ sounds in Geordie. 


The Teesside accent is similar again, but with more hints of Yorkshire, because this location is further South. 


Lastly, Pitmatic is the name of the Durham accent and the mining villages which surround it. 


Becoming familiar with these accents can be fun and probably won’t take much time, and the differences should quickly become apparent when visiting different parts of the region. Accents are something to be celebrated and enjoyed, and this is the ideal region to absorb the local culture through the form of language. 


The natural landscapes, walking routes and history of this region are abundant, and you are sure to be fascinated by the culture for as long as you are here. For us, it never gets boring, and residents of this region feel so lucky to be living in this spectacular location. 


It will come as no surprise that we are big fans of the North East and although we fully appreciate everyone will have their view of the region, many of the existing conceptions people have are completely false!

Come and see for yourself. Take a look at our new homes in Middleton St George or our new homes in Thorpe Thewles - they’re exclusive, luxurious and perfectly placed for you to truly sample how wonderful the North East is.

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