Discover Cafe Italissimo at Middleton St George: a local hidden gem

Middleton St George is situated in the North East of England, approximately 10 minutes away from the market town of Darlington, and is where you can find our brand new homes at Middleton Waters. Our wide range of stunning homes can be perfect for young couples to large families, and the beautiful village surroundings are guaranteed to make you love our stunning new homes even more. 

One particular village shop that truly stands out is Cafe Italissimo. This local treasure is the epitome of Italian delicacies. Charcuterie boards, traditional pastries and decadent desserts are a few of the most popular selections at this wonderful local spot. 


Authenticity and meticulous attention to detail are some of this cafe’s most notable values. The outstanding quality of the food they offer paired with the impeccable flavour combinations makes a beautiful pastry from Italissimo’s a perfect morning pick-me-up. They bring the finest Italian foods right to your doorstep in Middleton St George.


Our personal experience with this charming cafe has been of the highest standard. Customer service is always welcoming and relaxed, and residents of Middleton St George are lucky enough to arrive at this small slice of Italian decadence within a short walk from their home. 


Living at one of our beautiful new homes at Middleton St George, you could have the ability to enjoy the delights of Cafe Italissimo whenever you choose. 


The main component of this hidden gem is, of course, the delicious food they offer. From classic Italian pastries to indulgent, chocolatey brownies, you will definitely fall in love with their incredible flavours. 


A certain pastry that we especially loved was Cafe Italissiomo’s take on a traditional Italian ‘sfogliatella’ or ‘aragosta’ (also known as a ‘lobster tail’ due to its unique shape). Most likely, you are unfamiliar with this dessert, as we also were, but the English translation is ‘small, thin layers’, which describes the flaky, stacked pastry of this Italian delicacy. Originated in the province of Salerno in Italy in the 17th century, it has truly been diversified and perfected by many different pastry chefs over the decades. Numerous types of fillings can be used, but some of the most common variations include citrus, almond or pistachio cream. The combination of perfectly baked pastry and deliciously smooth, creamy filling creates a truly indulgent and authentic Italian pastry. 


Catering to your preferences, their flexible service is ideal for many occasions. The high quality and beautiful flavours are sure to impress anyone who tries the food available at this wonderful cafe.


If you are needing a convenient selection of food for a night in or even to offer some snacks at a business meeting, charcuterie boards and platters are available from Cafe Italissimo. 


Perhaps you could have a venture out to Cafe Italissimo yourself and try a few of their signature pastries and desserts - we hope you enjoy them as much as we did! This small cafe is full of character and authenticity, a real charm to have on your doorstep in the rural village of Middleton St George among all of the other fantastic amenities. 


If you would like to find out more about the location of Middleton St George, its surroundings and what else the area has to offer, take a look at our blog post here. Similarly, if you are interested in learning more about our Middleton Waters homes and what you can expect, read on here! 


PS - the superb image of Italian sweet treats is taken from the Cafe Italissimo Facebook page - go check them out!

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