Homes By Carlton’s Guide On How To Create Your Dream Garden In Time For Summer


After moving into your new home in the North East, creating your ultimate dream space, both inside and outside, is an exciting activity.


If you are running short on time, resources or ideas, we have some simple ways to help boost your creativity to transform your garden into your ideal summertime space. 


Firstly, it’s important to decide which style of garden you prefer. Whether you enjoy modern furniture and low maintenance plants, stylish landscaping or even an allotment garden. Finding what works best for you and your space is a must.


One of the easiest ways to explore this is through a bit of research. Pinterest, books, magazines and television shows are all brilliant ways to get some gorgeous garden inspiration for transforming your garden into a personalised hub of life. 

If you check out our Pinterest page, you can find many garden ideas. From furniture to plant pots to concept lighting, however big or small your outdoor space is, whether it’s a courtyard or a garden stretching for acres, a few small additions can make a big difference and truly unlock your space’s potential. 


Modern gardens


Clean edges and lines, neutral colours and contemporary furniture combined together create a stunning outdoor environment. To achieve this look, despite the size of your garden, small additions every once in a while is the way to go. 


The perimeter of your garden is a great place to section off and add unique plants and trees. This helps your garden look more spacious and full of life. Begin with one edge or even just one corner and see which plants work well for you. This could become a monthly or perhaps weekly hobby; taking some time out for yourself to focus on enhancing your home is a great way to relax, and spending time in your garden can be extremely rewarding. 


Once you’ve finished planting your garden, introducing some furniture is a great idea. 


For modern garden furniture, check out brands such as Envirobuild, Tikamoon and Ironfire. Each of these UK brands is committed to creating environmentally friendly, non-toxic garden furniture. For style and sustainability, look no further. 


Small extras to tie your modern garden together can be found at Natural Collection. This is an eco-friendly online brand that sells the likes of groceries, fashion and home and garden accessories. Based in Gateshead, shop the perfect finishing touches for your garden. Wildlife products, plants and seeds, solar lighting and water features are all available online. Find contemporary pieces which you can feel good about buying. This brand offers superb style with admirable ethics. 


Traditional gardens


On the other hand, if your taste is slightly more traditional, we have a few ideas to spruce up your garden in time for summer. 


Plenty of plants and wooden furniture paired together are the perfect combination for a beautiful garden. 


Neat, tidy and budding with life; traditional style gardens can contain elegant water features, many unique plants and flowers and an array of small decorations, including stonework, birdbaths and dainty Parisian table and chair sets. 


It’s best to identify the existing unique aspects of your garden and create beautiful features based on these characteristics. Whether you have some extra empty space or a small patio, maximising the space in your garden is key. You can do this by adding hanging plants, flower beds or some storage for your furniture. 


For wooden garden furniture, visit Houzz or Kingsley Smythe. These sustainable businesses offer top quality wooden and rustic garden furniture and accessories, the perfect additions to your traditional style garden. 


Overall, you should enjoy spending time in your garden. The process should feel fun and rewarding; a de-stressing activity. The whole family can get involved and each of you could add something to the garden which you love. Your garden is the perfect social space so why not make use of its potential? 


Truly appreciate the good weather when it arrives. Enjoy a barbecue with family and friends, allocate some time for yourself and read a book out in the garden or even just begin to work on transforming your garden into your dream space. 


Have fun with your gardening journey. Add personal touches and truly encapsulate your own unique style both inside and outside of your new home in the North East. 

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