Meet the Neighbours: Abi at Middleton Waters


Abi, her daughter Alice and their dog Archie moved into the beautiful Galloway at Middleton Waters in 2022 and have since been busy making a house a home and settling into the development. 


We were delighted to visit, take a look around and speak to Abi about what she loves about Middleton Waters and The Galloway, and how she found the Homes by Carlton buying process.


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Q: What’s it like living at Middleton Waters?

Abi: It’s brilliant. My daughter’s just turned 18 so having the train station so close is perfect for her independence. She can just take herself to and from college and travel all over with her friends. 

I also like that I can easily walk to friends' houses in the village and that I’m walking distance to the pub! You’re really central here too but you don’t feel it because you’re tucked away and it’s so quiet and peaceful, which is lovely.

There’s also loads and loads of walks for the dog. You can just walk out of the house and across the fields and there are so many different walks to do, it’s so beautiful.


Q: Why did you choose the 4-bedroom Galloway?

Abi: I’d never had a new-build before and I was moving from a house built in 1905, so I knew from having that house that there’s so much that goes wrong with an older home and I’m not really one for DIY, so having a new-build was quite important to me this time. 

With The Galloway, not having a wall separating the entrance and dining/living area really gave me the sense of space that I needed coming from a larger, older property. I also particularly loved the size of the kitchen in this house, because whenever I have people around that’s where we gather – we sing and dance and do everything in that kitchen!

I’m actually thinking about turning what is currently the dining room into a nice snug area, because we have the table and so much space in the kitchen.


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Q: What's your favourite part of your home?

Abi: Definitely the kitchen. I spend so much time in there and I think I’d be lost if I didn’t have a big kitchen, so that’s got to be the bit I love the most.


Q: What drew you to Middleton Waters?

Abi: I knew I wanted to be around Middleton St George because both mine and Alice’s friends are here, so we were looking at new-builds in the area and when we came here it felt so different to others. It had a really nice feel about it and didn’t feel like it was just being thrown up.

One thing I love about this development, which you don’t get with a lot of new estates, is that the houses are all different. There’s such a good mix, even down to the bricks and the roofs, and it really gives it some character.


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Q: How did you find out the Homes by Carlton buying process?

Abi: I didn’t know what to expect with a new-build at all but the service I’ve received has been really good.

Ian (Site Manager) was great, he went above and beyond to help me out, doing little things that he really didn’t have to. He gave great advice on things that I would never have thought of. For example, when I got to visit while it was being built, he suggested I take pictures of where all the wiring is before the plaster boards went in and I can’t tell you how helpful that’s been. It makes such a difference, it really does.

Whenever I did have an issue, I logged it with Beth (Customer Care Coordinator), someone came out and located the problem, fixed it and I’ve never had a problem since. All issues have been fixed, and in a timely manner too. I have no complaints at all.


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Q: How did you find the choices process?

Abi: I found it really easy and there were loads of options. Sales were great with helping me to visualise how things would look in real life by showing photographs too. They could also show you how certain things would look when put together, so that helped to inform my choices.


Q: Would you recommend Homes by Carlton?

Abi: Definitely. That's an easy one.


The beautiful Galloway – and a selection of other fantastic house types starting from £175,000 – are available at Middleton Waters Phase 2 in Middleton St George. For more information, please call 0333 034 1355 or email


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