Save Up To £2,200 On Energy Bills With Our New-Build Homes


By choosing a new-build home over an existing, second-hand house, you could save £180 per month on energy costs, totalling a huge £2,200 per year – meaning you have more to spend on the things you want.


In their July 2023 "Watt a Save" report, the Home Builder's Federation (HBF) revealed that annually, the average new-build cost £1,317 in energy bills whilst older, existing properties cost almost £3,000. 


At Homes by Carlton, we understand how important it is to keep costs down where possible. That's why we use the very best materials to build our homes, ensuring you keep warm for less this Autumn. 


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All of our homes have an energy rating of EPC A or B, a rating shared by under 4% of older properties. They're all well-insulated and boast argon-filled double glazing as standard, helping to minimise the loss of heat through windows. 


Our homes at The Langtons, Redmarshall also feature solar panels fitted as standard.


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What's more, at a time when being environmentally conscious is more important than ever, new-build homebuyers are collectively reducing carbon emissions by over 500,000 tonnes.


If you have any questions about any of our new homes, please call us on 0333 034 1355 or email


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